“I Know It’s Late And It Took All Year/But You Can Stop Complaining Cuz We Finally Here” (Kanye West, 2005)



Yes, we’ve been gone for a minute but we’re back.  Pleased to launch our very FIRST website where you can get your fill of our wonderful ignorant intellectual rants, comments, and all that other sophistiratchetly good stuff.  We’re still in the beginning stages of this (i.e.- still trying to figure out exactly what the hell we are doing), so please bear with us.  In the meantime, we still have books and buttons for sale to purchase.  To order please do the following:

1) Send an email to ignorantintellectual@gmail.com with your order.

2) Look for a PayPal invoice to be sent within 48 hours.

3) *This is the important part* PAY THE INVOICE

4) Book and/or buttons will be shipped.

Sounds simple?  Great!

They’ll be some cool things headed your way, so just chill till the next episode (Snoop Dogg, 1992)..

Later folks!


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